Women and Girls in Science week

Women and Girls in Science week

Yesterday kicked off the international “Women and Girls in Science” week! 🔬👩‍🔬
To celebrate our incredible female scientists, we’re bringing you a week of fascinating intros! Each team member had a few options to choose from about what they wanted to share, the question is always added!

The first post is about our Archemy team director: Ester Oras.

Q: What is your biggest success and biggest fail in your career?

Success: When a year ago I asked my daughter to picture a scientist, and she responded “Simple, that’s mummy!” (see the picture attached).

Failure: Not to trust my gut feeling about people, collaborations, teamwork, etc – still learning, but have improved considerably. Science must be fun, and these are the PEOPLE who make it happen! So shared interests, values and overall life attitudes are crucial here.