Women and Girls in Science week

Women and Girls in Science week

It’s time to introduce Eve Rannamäe, another standout member of our Archemy team!

Q: What are your hobbies and/or what do you do on your free time?

My research involves studying the history of horses with methods in zooarchaeology. In my free time, I love to study horses as well. I have a lovely mare and a young gelding to train, and I use connection training through positive reinforcement to do that.

Stables is the place where I can load my batteries by just spending time with animals and enjoying the feeling of physical work. I usually go there early mornings. I especially enjoy spring and summer mornings, when the sun is already high, but everything is still calm and quiet (except the little birds singing their hearts out). But I must admit that there’s charm going there with every weather, be it -25C freezing or rain and mud – it’s always worth it.

I think that the love and empathy towards horses and nature reflects also in my research, where it drives my interest in the study material and passion for science in general.