Sandra Sammler

Sandra is a MA student at the University of Tartu. Her former role for two years in the Archemy group was to help others and perform needed day-to-day administrative and laboratory work assignments. Sandra’s research project is on experimental plant macrofossils, namely stable isotope analysis of charred plant remains and seeds to understand different cultivation practices. Right now she is concentrating on her MA thesis and works as a coordinator for a different project. 

Sandra’s main goals are to thoroughly understand the possibilities of archaeochemistry, help others to broaden their understanding of it and to contribute to the research of past human diet and health. Sandra also built Archemy’s webpage, is responsible for managing it and documenting everything with camera. 


2020, The Estonian national student research competition, The National Heritage Board’s II special premium award for BA thesis “Iru linnamäe kaun- ja teraviljade isotoopanalüüsid”