When archaeology meets chemistry

Who are we?

Archemy is the first archeochemistry lab in the Baltics that combines archaeology with analytical chemistry and aims to bridge humanities and natural sciences. Our group works in archaeological sciences, especially biomolecular archaeology, with major focus on ancient dietary and health reconstructions, migrations and provenance studies. Archemy has wide expertise in material culture studies, human osteology, zooarchaeology and archaeobotany. We have a direct association with the Institute of Chemistry which among others has a long-term track record for working with the chemical analysis of cultural heritage objects. 

Latest News

Ester in a show called “Estonian success stories”

Ester talked about our team and gave an overview of what we study and how we do it – Archemy unites soft and hard sciences to answer archaeological questions. Ester[…]

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Archemy in Estonian Public Broadcast show Ringvaade

Estonian Public Broadcast’s show Ringvaade visited our team to see what our group is up to.  Our team members Kristiina, Agnes and Sandra discussed whether Estonians ate horse meat and[…]

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Celebrating Women and Girls in Science

On Friday, the 11th of February, Archemy celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Please take this day to acknowledge, encourage and cherish women in academia!  As part[…]

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