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Alessandra received ETAg postdoctoral grant. University of Tartu; Stockholm University | ETAg postdoctoral grant PUTJD1177 |

The Baltic Kindergarten: Investigating non-adult health and diet in medieval and early modern Estonia through paleopathology and stable isotope analysis. This multidisciplinary study investigates child diet, feeding practices, and disease in a large dataset of non-adults from medieval and early modern Estonia (13th-18th cent.) combining Paleopathology and Stable Isotope Analysis (SIA). This fills a large…
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Ester received the honorary Badge of Distinction

Our leader Ester received the honorary Badge of Distinction from the University of Tartu! This is awarded to those the University wishes to thank for all their hard work.  We are all very proud of her! The photo was taken by Andres Tennus. For more information: Click here!

The seminar “Interdisciplinary Possibilities in the Studies of the Past”

Archemy and The Collegium for Transdisciplinary Studies in Archaeology, Genetics and Linguistics are inviting you to join the seminar “Interdisciplinary Possibilities in the Studies of the Past” on the 9th of December. The seminar will start 10 o’clock AM (programme above). You can join the seminar through Zoom. Link: Meeting ID: 939 6753 9879…
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Archemy’s Christmas celebration

Our team members started celebrating Christmas early in Sandra’s countryside. Archemy members enjoyed the snow, sauna, saw different domestic animals (cows, horses, chicken, dogs, cats), made traditional Christmas food, got a farm tour and enjoyed some good traditional Estonian Christmas songs.

Our team member’s doctoral defence: Alessandra Morrone

On 22 November at 10:15 our own Alessandra Morrone will defend her doctoral thesis “Children of the Grave: a multidisciplinary study of non-adult diet and disease from medieval and early modern southern Estonia”. Alessandra’s PhD research is about the skeletal remains of non-adults provide numerous insights into the complexity of their personal and social lives,…
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Two of our members – Mari and Eve – have been nominated for outstanding women academics in the AcademiaNet portal

The Estonian Research Council (ETAG) has submitted the names of 65 Estonian researchers for inclusion in the AcademiaNet portal of successful women scientists, two of whom are Mari and Eve. The aim of the portal is to highlight successful women scientists and to raise their international profile. The portal is also a good tool for…
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Ester in a show called “Estonian success stories”

Ester talked about our team and gave an overview of what we study and how we do it – Archemy unites soft and hard sciences to answer archaeological questions. Ester believes our strengths lie in the small size of the community. We also have excellent labs where we can do world-class science and a highly-motivated…
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Archemy in Estonian Public Broadcast show Ringvaade

Estonian Public Broadcast’s show Ringvaade visited our team to see what our group is up to.  Our team members Kristiina, Agnes and Sandra discussed whether Estonians ate horse meat and how a pottery sherd can tell us whether people cooked fish in Estonian National Broadcast show Ringvaade.  You can see the clip below or by…
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Celebrating Women and Girls in Science

On Friday, the 11th of February, Archemy celebrates the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Please take this day to acknowledge, encourage and cherish women in academia!   As part of celebrating this special day the Estonian Young Academy of Sciences (EYAS) launches a social media campaign to introduce one’s research to the wider…
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Archemy sums up 2021

Archemy team has had a busy year.  The whole team came together at the end of 2021, went sleighing, had fun in Tartu’s little christmas village and exchanged presents. A lot was discovered last year and hopefully a lot of new discoveries are on the way.  Follow our teams results and discoveries here.